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Dhs. 5,000.00

An electrifying exhibition of cultural unity and rhythmic harmony.

Majd's Zaffa mesmerizes with its captivating celebration of unity and tradition amidst the vibrant hubbub of marketplaces and winding alleyways. This dynamic dance performance stands as a vibrant testament to the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern heritage and the enduring spirit of community.

Feel the Rhythm, Share the Love, and Dance the Night Away

  • Duration of performance: 2 Sets - 15-30 min
  • Place of stay: Dubai
  • Experienced: wedding Zaffa
  • Language: Arabic, English 
  • Price: 5000 AED
  • Including: 5 dancers 
  • Additional dancer: 1000 AED each

Music type: Arabic and Remixes

Kindly notify us of your booking at least 30 days before the Events.