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Embark on a musical journey of sophistication and grace with Harpist Katerina, a virtuoso dedicated to bringing the enchanting sounds of the harp to your wedding day. Elevate the ambiance of your celebration with the timeless beauty and unique charm that only live harp music can provide.

  • Duration of performance: 1 sets of 45 minutes
  • Place of stay: Dubai
  • Language: English, Russian

Kindly notify us of your booking at least 30 days before the Events.

Services Tailored for Wedding Parties:

  1. Ceremonial Bliss: Walk down the aisle to the ethereal tones of Katerina's harp, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. Each note resonates with elegance, making your vows even more memorable.

  2. Cocktail Hour Harmony: Enhance the atmosphere of sophistication during the cocktail hour with Katerina's captivating harp melodies. Her repertoire spans from classical to contemporary, ensuring a delightful blend that sets the perfect mood for celebration.

  3. Reception Serenity: Infuse your reception with a touch of serenity as Katerina's live harp entertainment creates a refined and enchanting backdrop. From background melodies to spotlight performances, she adds a layer of grace to your celebration.

Why Choose Katerina:

  • Artistic Brilliance: Katerina's harp performances are marked by artistic brilliance, bringing a unique and timeless quality to your wedding day.

  • Professional Poise: Trust in Katerina's professional demeanor and poise. Her commitment to excellence ensures a seamless and enchanting musical experience, leaving you to relish every moment.

  • Personalized Repertoire: Collaborate with Katerina to create a personalized harp repertoire that aligns with your musical preferences and complements the overall theme of your wedding.

Book Katerina for Your Wedding: Create a magical atmosphere for your wedding day with Katerina's harp expertise. Contact her to discuss your vision, musical preferences, and secure a performance that adds an extra layer of elegance to your special day. Let the timeless allure of the harp create unforgettable moments as you celebrate love and embark on a new chapter together.